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May 7th, 2008

“To Be or Not To Be”…
…Able to organize my kitchen items that is!

Organize, def. 1. to arrange or assemble into an orderly structured whole. 2. to give a coherent form to

The annual KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show), held April 11th through the 13th, At McCormick Place on Chicago’s beautiful lake front, featured may new trends in convenience and organization. My own home reflects the simple “family oriented” lifestyle that I desire. As a professional kitchen and bath designer, I encourage clients to make design choices that may help them to achieve the “in” casual comfort ideas exploding in popularity in the kitchen industry. The more accessible my dishes are, the happier I am. Why hide the basics of kitchen ware when they can be displayed and accessed as the indispensable items they are, and they can serve as interesting design elements while awaiting use. By designing with the many new storage and convenience items displayed at the show, I can efficiently utilize available space with features that keep our lives organized and clutter free.

Keeping in mind clutter, maybe designing with fewer wall cabinets and more openness would be fitting for your home. I like this idea because it is aesthetically pleasing to have more than one texture in a space. The old trend of filling all existing space with uniform rows of cabinets is passing away. Hot new trends in the KB industry feature interior design trends throughout the kitchen “ room”. Adding even a few unique elements can create “atmosphere”. Textures like back lit glass doors, stainless steel rack for utensils, towels, or books, or maybe a different colored wood shelf unit for your everyday dishes can be an eye catcher. Wicker baskets are pretty cute too! This look can really lighten up your space if you are lacking outside light and can imbue your home with custom touches while corralling clutter effortlessly. Many new styles of textured glass inserts were on display. When fitted with indirect interior lighting, these cabinets create beautiful evening lighting effects that add warmth and comfort to your kitchen space. For customers who don’t like their kitchen ware exposed, there are products available for you as well! Stop fretting about how to organize everything in your drawers because there are hot new storage solutions for many different applications in all of your cabinets.

The question is no longer, “To be or Not to be”-Organized, but, when will you make it happen? Remember, your kitchen is where life happens! Enjoy it!

Kari Dvorak designs great kitchen and bath spaces at DJ Dietz Designs in Reedsburg and can be reached at 608-524-4899 or kari@djdietz.com


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