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QUESTION: "Do you have stock plans you build from?"
ANSWER: As a professional Design Showroom, we design cabinetry specifications for your home and your lifestyle. We will work closely with you to design a layout to best meet your needs. Even what seems to be a “cookie cutter” space, can have several different options.


QUESTION: "What woods do I have to choose from?"
ANSWER: The options are many when choosing the wood for your cabinetry. Do you like dark or light? Vivid grain or clear? Hardwood or softwood? What style of cabinetry would compliment your home? Some popular choices right now are hickory, maple, painted, and cherry.

QUESTION: "What sort of finishes do you use on your restorations?"
ANSWER: Our job is to help you decide what is the best finish for your piece. Each type of finish has distinct advantages and disadvantages. But based on the intended use of the object, the desired “look”, and the maintenance needed, there is probably a “best” finish for your specific piece. We use environmentally friendly water based stains and finishes. Solvent-based finishes can release volatile compounds into the air.
QUESTION: "How much does Custom Cabinetry cost?"
ANSWER: If someone quotes you a per lineal foot price, then it is not “custom”, it’s something they have done previously. We help you discover your own custom look, utilizing five cabinet manufacturers from Stock to Custom. Your tastes and style will direct the type of cabinetry and will be priced accordingly. Our cost is based on several factors, with the species of wood being one variable. Finish choice, as well as the number of cabinets to be built also determine cost. The complexity of some cabinetry will increase the cost as well.

QUESTION: "I already have an idea of what I want, will you work with me?"
ANSWER: Absolutely! Our In-House designers will work hand-in-hand with your own creative ideas and concepts and help put your ideas down on paper. We will study your requirements, coordinate with other trades, and recommend design options for your home.

QUESTION: "How can I make the design process quicker?"
ANSWER: It is very helpful if a client has researched some of the factors that make up a kitchen or bath design prior to the beginning of the design process. Although this step is helpful, we will certainly guide you into the various areas that we must explore during the design process. Because there are so many options with kitchen design such as hardware, appliances, wood species, door styles, and countertops, you may want to do some research prior to visiting our showroom. Throughout the design process we will help you make these decisions according to your wants, needs and budget. The more pictures and ideas you have to share with your designer, the easier it is for us to understand what you expect from your finished project.

QUESTION: "What is the difference between Custom, Semi-Custom and Stock cabinetry?”
Custom cabinetry is designed and built to a unique specification. The “If you can imagine it, we can built it” approach is used. Custom cabinetry can also be very similar to semi-custom or stock cabinetry in outward appearance. Think of this in terms of cars, a Yugo, Buick and Mercedes are all cars, but not all of the same quality, value or utility.

Semi-Custom cabinetry is built to a set of established criteria, with certain important and practical modifications available. Your designer can use these modifications to customize each cabinet unit to approximate custom cabinetry at a lower average cost. Semi-Custom cabinetry is built to order for each customer, resulting in a longer lead time to deliver this type of product.

Stock cabinetry is as its name implies, is manufactured, and awaiting your order. This is the value priced cabinetry we offer. Although stock cabinetry has fewer options than those mentioned above, it can be used to produce a beautiful finished project. Our designers can explain all aspects of your cabinet line choice

QUESTION: “What is Furniture Restoration”
ANSWER: Restoration can range from cleaning an existing dirty finish, to stripping, repairing and replacing missing parts on an entire piece, followed by a new multi-step finish. Some projects we do are; mirror resilvering, stripping of woodwork, canning of chairs, steamer trunk restoration, stripping of metal pieces such as old bed frames, Hoosier Cabinet restoration, and many, many others. Furniture restoration is the “ultimate recycling” choice!


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