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We have seen and repaired thousands of pieces of furniture ranging from those of questionable to enormous value.

We are often asked about the worth of a piece of furniture and more than once have discouraged someone from refinishing - either because doing so may diminish the value of a very rare item, or because the piece is relatively new, made of inferior materials and never intended to be passed through the generations.

The “worth” is measured by your desire to display or use it as a functional piece. Our goal is your satisfaction in knowing you will enjoy your furniture for years to come.

Our restoration services include stripping using environmentally friendly products, a full range of repairs, parts replacement, staining and finishing, mirror resilvering, and just about anything else to do with wood - if we haven’t already done it, we can probably figure out how to accomplish a new task.

Contact Us today to find out what we can do for your old, damaged or warped heirloom.

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